Le Max Wellness Club in Madrid creates dedicated Wattbike studio

March 18, 2021 1 min read

Le Max Wellness Clubin Madrid recently installed five Wattbike Nucleus in one of their boutique gyms in a dedicated group cycling area titled ‘Ride Cycling Studio’. The five Wattbikes offer customers connected group rides using a large screen to run Zwift and other virtual bike races and training sessions.

The idea behind Le Max was “to create five specialised boutique gyms, capable of satisfying both an advanced professional or amateur athlete and a general fitness user who values training in a different facility than what is available in conventional gyms”, the owners state.

Each of the five boutique gyms are specialized and have their own identity, with dedicated personal trainers and events such as popular bike races or bike route experiences available to customers. This also includes accommodation and food options in the case of the Ride Cycling Studio, where the Wattbikes are.

The owners of Le Max comment: “the reason for choosing Wattbike for the development of our cycling studio was that, after evaluating different specialized brands with rollers and other indoor bikes, we came to the conclusion that Wattbike is the best cycling ergometer on the market. The objective data provided by the Wattbikes, the Real Ride Feel, and the fact that they are used by the UCI provides us with unquestionable value.”

“Ride Cycling Studio is creating great satisfaction in our users as well as helping to provide a great image of a specialized, bike focused, centre in our club.”

Madrid-based? Check outLe Max Wellness Cluband book your Wattbike session today.

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