The Barcelona d’Horta Velodrome was built in 1984 as the first construction project in preparation for the 1992 Summer Olympics bid in 1986. 

After a successful bid, the velodrome became the track cycling venue for the 1992 Summer Olympics and hosted the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 1984. 

The building itself has also won the FAD Architecture Prize in 1985, and now the Barcelona Velodrome can also pride itself on the fact that they have the world's very first, and largest, Wattbike AtomX studio.


Ariadna Calvo, Finance & Communication Director at the Velodrome, states: 

“After extensive market research and after speaking with our trainers it became clear that Wattbike was the best brand and partner for the velodrome. Our cycling professionals from the velodrome, which include trainers, cyclists, and mechanics, had no doubts about this. Everyone said that Wattbike was the best option. Once we decided that, we contacted the Spanish Wattbike Distributor and the rest is history”

The brand new studio space features ten Wattbike AtomX’s, inspirational graphics, and large screens to allow for group rides and third party app compatibility. The studio is offered to customers of the velodrome and also to other external parties, and Ariadna says: “we have a lot of trust that the Wattbike AtomX’s will be of great value to the velodrome”.



The AtomX studio space is bookable at a pay-per-use basis, and it’s also readily available when the outdoor track is off limits to riders for maintenance, bad weather or races. 

So far, the customer feedback “has been very good, as we expected”, Ariadna comments. You can get a 360 degree tour of the new facility by clicking here.

The Wattbike AtomX studio has only been open for a week, but we can’t wait to hear about the success stories that will undoubtedly come from this inspirational and forward-thinking studio space.


Find out more about the Wattbike AtomX, or if you are a Barcelona local you can book your spot in the new studio.

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