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March 03, 2021 2 min read

Over the course of three years, 116,000 tests have been performed on Wattbikes to assess people’s health through Discovery, using the bespoke test created in partnership with Wattbike.

Virgin active powering innovation and health together with Wattbike.

In 2015, Virgin Active installed their first state of the art Altitude High Performance Training Studio, which included Wattbikes. The studio can simulate training conditions at 2,500m and 3000m above sea level. This allows members to undertake Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT), where they train at lower oxygen levels for a short period of time to improve performance.

Wattbikes have also become a key piece of equipment for Discovery South Africa, a health insurance giant, where fitness tests are administered to customers at Virgin Active sites. Over the course of three years, 116,000 tests were performed on Wattbikes to assess people’s health through Discovery, using the bespoke test created in partnership with Wattbike.

Today, Wattbikes can be found at most Virgin Active sites across the UK, where cyclists and gym goers alike are taking full advantage of our innovative bikes to improve fitness, health, and performance.

"From experience we’ve seen how including Wattbikes on the gym floor has encouraged cyclists and triathletes into the club, raised member retention levels and can draw those that stick to the group training classes out into individual training too."

- Virgin Active

Wattbike bringing the gym floor to life

A trial was set up at Virgin Active Twickenham where the Wattbike team ran morning and evening sessions on the bikes to gather member feedback. During the 2012 trial, Virgin Active recognised the potential of the Wattbikes and purchased four bikes for that site.

This purchase coincided with the design of the Virgin Active classic Aldersgate club where their new layout and innovations were trialled for the first time. Wattbike played a big part in this redesign, and a training suite of eight bikes was set up in a dedicated area linked to Power Cycling software.

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