Wellfit Gyms Dubai

March 05, 2024 3 min read


Wellfit, a UAE-based start-up offering vast, world-class fitness facilities and amenities is taking the region by storm, with sights set to become the region’s biggest fitness brand.

Wattbike Pro/Trainer Wellfit


With a dedication to provide next-level member experiences, embracing each individual’s fitness stories and providing a comprehensive array of sports and leisure activities to cater each and every individual, of all ages and abilities, Wellfits’ large venues facilitate free access to top trainers, technology to monitor, track and measure performance whilst ensuring there is never the frustration of having to wait for available machines or spots in its signature classes.

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Joining the rapidly expanding portfolio of sites, its new flagship club, Wellfit Madar, sets a new standard for fitness and wellness in Aljada, Sharjah. Madar incorporates an impressive 65,000 sq ft training space and boasts state-of-the-art equipment including Wattbike Pros.

On the decision to partner with Wattbike, Gareth Jones, COO Wellfit explains: “As a keen cyclist myself, and Dubai being a very proactive place with a buzz of triathlon clubs, cycle tracks and a passion for the sport of cycling, I was keen to get performance bikes on our gym floor.”

”Wattbikes are simply the best.” Gareth Jones, COO, Wellfit.

“Wattbikes are simply the best. There’s a reason they are the bike of choice for so many top athletes and professional teams and for us, the fact that they are durable and powerless means they can be easily moved around our athletics performance training area where we have created an area for all powerless and functional equipment, allowing the members complete flexibility over how they train.”


Rapidly establishing itself as the UAE’s premier fitness and wellness brand, when it opened, Wellfit Madar became the brands third large-scale hub, following two already existing vast health clubs in Dubai, Wellfit JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle which spans 75,000 st ft as well as Wellfit Meydan which is 50,000 sq ft.

Looking ahead to the future, Wellfit hopes to continue its partnership with Wattbike across its other clubs. “Wattbike is the perfect fit for our offering. The plan is to implement them into more of our clubs.” Jones continues. “For example, we have a 65,000 sq ft club right by an outdoor cycling track that covers 8km. We already have a triathlon club based there so in the future, I can already see how having the Wattbikes could support the club and aim to get both amateurs and professional cyclists into the facility.”


Wellfits mission is to enable healthy and active lifestyles for all by providing a hub which offers an extensive support system that not only motivates people to live healthier lives, but also supports them along this journey.

“We run around 300 classes per week, from HIIT, martial arts and Yoga, through to Spin or even Lifting classes for kids. We truly do pride ourselves on offering something for everyone and believe that training with like minded people will encourage people to come back from more, time and time again, building that real community spirit.”

“We ensure we have something within our facilities for everyone, aiming to get all of our members living a more active lifestyle.” Jones concludes. “Our proposition is to provide the very best equipment in order to offer leading member experiences, all within a world-class environment. This ethos is woven into the very design of each of our clubs, and into every equipment decision we so carefully make.”

To find out more, visit www.wellfit.me

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