Hirai Racing Team Studio

March 05, 2024 2 min read


The Hirai Racing Team Studio opened in Ogikubo, Tokyo this month with the aim of improving cardiovascular fitness and health for all.

Founded by reputable multi-Olympic swim coach, Norimasa Hirai, the new studio focuses on evidence showing that there is a close relationship between maximum oxygen uptake and improved life expectancy in middle-aged and elderly people.

Hirai Rcing Team


Having worked closely with Mitsuru Ohki, owner of Wattcycling Japan, and Wattbike’s Japanese Distributor, the studio incorporates a cardiopulmonary fitness programme performed on a Wattbike AtomX via the Wattbike Hub app to improve fitness levels, and in turn, cardiovascular health and life expectancy.

Mitsuru Ohki comments: “Norimasa Hirai first introduced Wattbike training to his swim team in order to provide Olympic medallists with cross -training to enhance their performance in the pool even further. It was actually the success that Adam Peaty, triple Olympic champion swimmer, had shown since incorporating Wattbike into his programme that encouraged him to explore Wattbikes benefits.”

Since 2018, Norimasa Hirai and the Hirai Racing Team have been using Wattbikes to improve the abilities of its competitive swimmers, and have steadily achieved results.

Hirai Racing Team Japan


The Wattbike cardiopulmonary programme (Wattbike CRF Programme) has been successfully implemented already in local governments and fitness clubs, proven to improve health and fitness for long-term health.

What really caught the attention of Norimasa Hirai was the success of the Shizouka Project, whereby Mitsuri Ohki introduced the Wattbike CRF to local Government through a 3-month trial across six venues. The impressive results spoke for themselves, and even within the short space of 10 weeks, every single person in the test group showed an improvement in VO2 max, and there was not one person whose data showed decline.

“VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen an individual can utilise during exercise. It’s a reliable measure of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. However, we know that VO2 max declines with ageing.” Mitsuru Ohki adds. “And evidence suggests that if we can increase VO2 max by just one point, that improvement extends your life by 45 days! Tracking these ‘points’ to improve VO2 max and ultimately, help people live longer, healthier lives is the backbone of this programme.”


Hirai Racing Team Studio plans to combine the knowledge that both they, and the Wattcycling team, have cultivated over the years, and will function as a hub for the major development and popularisation of this Wattbike CRF in the future.

Through testing, analysing and adapting workout programmes, the purpose is to contribute to bettering the lives, health and fitness of local people and demonstrate the benefits of training with Wattbike in order to lead a longer, healthier, happier life.

To find out more, visit Wattcycling or Hirai Racing Team Studio.

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