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March 04, 2024 2 min read


Success Secret Sports Physiotherapy Centre has opened a state of the art facility in Morges, Switzerland. Founded by passionate former professional footballers, their team is made up of health and sports professionals who bring their expertise to offer the most advanced athlete testing and development. One of their exciting initiatives involves integrating the smart technology accuracy of the Wattbike Atom X with the VO2 Master Analyzer, the only truly portable VO2 analyzer known for having no backpacks, cables or hoses.

Success Rehab

From Potential to Peak Performance

Success Secret aims to utilise its VO2 max testing to test, benchmark and track the performance of young athletes hoping to reach the elite stage. Through six assessments, staff can precisely establish a player’s profile, and from there analyse their development needs in order to help them reach peak performance.

Massimo Majocchi, Sport Physiotherapist at Success Secret explains: “I first came across Wattbike some years ago when I was having some physio myself after a sporting injury. Then more recently, I again came across a fellow physiotherapist utilising the Wattbike with his clients and I knew I had to incorporate it into the new centre.

Our facility space is carefully planned, so I have been very particular in regards to what equipment or device we use on site, and for me, the Wattbike was an absolute essential tool for the high level of testing, benchmarking and data analysis we want to provide. When we have used other indoor bikes, we have had to pay attention to the RPM, changing the settings manually during the athlete testing to slow or speed up their performance. With the Wattbike, we don’t need to manipulate the experience at all, making the test much more effective and efficient for both the athlete and our staff.”

Wattbike x VO2 Master Analyzer

The VO2 Master Analyzer simplifies metabolic testing due to its unparalleled portability and lab-grade accuracy. No packs, hoses or wires are required which allows the client to undergo testing with complete freedom to exercise, maximum breathing comfort and unrestricted mobility.

The Wattbike and the VO2 Master Analyzer are fully integrated through the VO2 Master App, a free mobile app with real-time data and instant PDF reporting. Through this simplified process, Massimo or his team members can easily customise guided assessment protocols or create their own to suit their clients’ requirements.

A Commitment to Accuracy, Quality and Simplicity

Peter O’Brien, CEO at VO2 Master, adds: “This is a powerful integration of two leading products, providing real-time results, anywhere. Through this, we can unlock the power of metabolic analysis and the future of data-driven success to help develop the potential of young athletes, or anyone of any ability, discover their maximal metrics for optimal results. The Success Secret team can target identified performance gains of their client through personalised training zones.”

“The commitment we share with Wattbike and Success Secret Physiotherapy to accuracy, quality and simplicity provides an unrivalled experience – setting a new standard in metabolic assessment technology.”

To find out more about Success Secret visit or to learn more about the mobile VO2 Master Analyzer visit

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