Over the course of three years, 116,000 tests have been performed on Wattbikes to assess people’s health through Discovery, using the bespoke test created in partnership with Wattbike.

Paving the way for indoor cycling

Velofit Power Cycling Studio is the very first Wattbike cycling studio of its kind in New Zealand. Even though Wattbikes have been a staple for many sporting teams in New Zealand for almost a decade now, no-one has every created a truly dedicated indoor cycling space for cyclists and athletes in the Tauranga region until now.

Velofit opened its doors in May of 2018, after founder David Lashlie struggled to find other people who were interested in improving their cycling performance in his area. After a lot of thinking, he decided to open up his own place to try and draw in like-minded people who were keen to train with data to improve their performance. And so Velofit was born.

"The Wattbike is the perfect tool. It's real, it's absolute and it's both cruel and kind more than anything else, it's honest. A lot of our riders use the Wattbike Hub app as an accompaniment to the training and the PES score has really opened a few pairs of eyes amongst those who thought they had good cycling technique, but actually had a lot of room for improvement. And the best part is that it doesn't matter how good or bad you are, the focus is on improvement."

- David Lashlie, founder of Velofit

Busy schedule to keep up with demand

The Velofit studio currently houses 12 Wattbikes and offers customers the chance to improve their fitness and riding technique at the same time. David is keen to motivate everyone to get fitter and healthier using the Wattbikes, and customers can currently access an impressive 14 classes per week.

David comments: "I don't view what I do at Velofit as a job - I genuinely enjoy seeing others conquer their goals and reach their potential. There's no doubt that once the majority of people have tried the Wattbikes for the first time, it opens their eyes to possibility and outcomes and they generally then sign up for one of our packs of rides which include five, ten or fifteen."

Hunger for data

David's passion for the studio and for Wattbike is inspiring, and his great understanding of what the Wattbike can achieve becomes clear when he discusses Velofit's place in New Zealand's current training environment:

"We wanted to do something different to the standard spin bike studios that are around the country. They have their place of course but in the modern era we are finding more and more people with a hunger for data and a desire to improve fitness, power, endurance and cycling technique. They want to analyse and learn from the data."

This is why every Velofit member initially undergoes an FTP test which allows David to create their zones for them. He adds the zones to each member's card along with their bike settings so that every member can use that card for reference on the Wattbike during each session. Having only been open for a year, David has already received great feedback from members and is excited to see how performance cycling develops in New Zealand.

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