Sierra Nevada High Performance Centre

March 09, 2021 2 min read

C.A.R Sierra Nevada is one of many world-class sporting facilities who have dared to challenge current elite training trends by installing Wattbikes.

22,000m2 dedicated to elite athletes

The High Performance Center of Sierra Nevada (Centro de Alto Rendimiento, or CAR) is run by the Higher Sports Council and their Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Located at 2,320m above sea level, and with magnificent sporting facilities and in close reach of Malaga and Granada, CAR is the ideal place for any altitude training and attracts elite athletes from all over the world for training camps.

This impressive facility spans 22,000 m2, and athletes who stay here can access sport science services such as medicine, physiology, biomechanics and performance analysis to make sure their performance is perfectly optimised. With a capacity to host 180 athletes, CAR features lounges, entertainment rooms, restaurants, cafeterias, ski storage, and even a special area where cyclists can wash their bikes after a long day’s ride in the mountains.

Sporting facilities include a 50m Olympic pool, an Olympic outdoor 400m track, an indoor athletics track, and several multipurpose pavilions. One of the newest additions to CAR is their Wattbike studio, which features four Wattbike Pro’s.

“What attracted us to Wattbike was the product quality as well as the brand being renowned worldwide for its elite sport heritage. The Wattbikes have been a great investment, and we currently have four Wattbikes but this number will probably increase at some point. They are located in the aerobic area of the gym, and have enriched the centre and given new training possibilities to all visitors. They have been very welcomed by the elite athletes who train here.”

- Alfonso Sanchez Bernard, CAR technical assistant manager

Dutch national team taking full advantage

TA team that recently visited CAR for some altitude training was the Dutch women’s national rowing team. They make the trip to Sierra Nevada every year, and this year was no exception as the women look to get ready for the Olympics in Tokyo next year. Their preparation at camp consisted of specific preparation on rowing ergometers mixed with demanding sessions on the brand new Wattbikes, which Alfonso says feel “just like you are riding a stage on one of the Tours”.

Keeping up with demand

Sierra Nevada is just one of many world-class sporting facilities who have dared to challenge current elite training trends by installing Wattbikes. As more and more athletes see the benefits of off-feet conditioning and testing on the Wattbikes, sporting facilities around the world will need to keep up with demand, and provide athletes with the best indoor conditioning tool available to help improve their performance.

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