Studio L'Echelon

March 09, 2021 3 min read

Opened by Olympic and Commonwealth cycling mechanic Selby Marshall and entrepreneur David Schwieler, this 660 square meter space offers a complete training and support centre to all of Stockholm's cycling enthusiasts and triathletes.

Challenging current indoor cycling concepts

For Wattbike and for Stockholm as a city, the launch of Studio L’Echelon is breaking barriers. It is the largest Wattbike setup of its kind in the world, and the first truly independent cycling studio in all of the Nordic countries.

The studio focuses on performance cycling, and not just 'entertainment cycling', which a lot of spinning studios tend to focus on today. Instead, the training sessions at the Studio are run by world-renown coaches who coach world-class athletes.

With such an impressive offering, Studio L’Echelon is definitely setting a new standard for the indoor group riding concept.

"Our goal when establishing Studio L’Echelon was to create a world-class training facility for cyclists and triathletes where riders of all levels felt welcome, understood, and encouraged. We provide riders with a place to train efficiently, enjoyably, safely and together. We truly believe that in this age where people are becoming increasingly isolated that being together and sharing the challenges of training will yield better results. We utilise a number of systems including the Wattbikes to provide riders with the best data and performance analysis possible. Our goal is to assist our members to achieve their goals and to be their best selves."

- Selby Marshall, Founder of Studio L'Echelon and Olympic and Commonwealth cycling mechanic

State of the art facility for any level

The cycling studio showcases Sweden’s first state of the art cycling space, which includes a boutique gym, advanced bike fitting services, sports science testing, and access to personal training and physiotherapists. The primary space in the studio contains the Indoor Cycling Lab, which holds 40 Wattbikes together with three projected screens that display workout requirements along with riding statistics.

The studio also offers indoor training rides focusing on areas such as Recovery & Technique, Endurance, Base Building, VO2 Max, and Sprints. The studio also offers pedalling performance analysis, corporate training, indoor cycle racing events, and rides on Zwift or The Sufferfest. Everything to make sure customers can improve their performance whilst getting the smoothest ride possible.

Stars speak at successful Studio opening

The studio launch on the 23rd of October 2018 was a great success. Olympic triathlon silver medalist Lisa Norden and professional mountain biker Calle Friberg spoke at the event together with Mattias Reck, elite trainer for professional cycling team Trek-Segafredo. Reck also gave the studio instructors a lesson on training with power, ensuring instructors can help clients maximise their performance with the Wattbikes.

In fact, the studio was already a success before it even opened. The team at Echelon were selling 12-month memberships to customers who had never seen the studio, or even heard about schedules or classes, before the grand opening because of huge demand.

This proves just how much an indoor cycling concept like L’Echelon was needed in Stockholm.

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