Scandic Vulkan in Oslo has just launched Norway’s first room for bike enthusiasts in collaboration with Concept Nordic and Wattbike.

Vulkan Oslo bringing cycling and hospitality together

Scandic Vulkan in Oslo has just launched Norway’s first room for bike enthusiasts in collaboration with Concept Nordic and Wattbike. Guests staying in room 201 can roll out of bed and hop onto a Wattbike Atom to smash out some miles before heading to their next destination.

The room is part of Scandic’s innovation efforts to modernise the hospitality fitness experience. To top it all off, guests who stay in the room will automatically contribute to the Stine Sofie Foundation, a charity which works to protect children from violence and abuse.

"[In room 201] you can walk straight from the bed and onto the exercise bike and travel as many kilometers as you want. I dare say that a better room for bike enthusiasts does not exist"

- Ingrid A. Moe, 2018 Norwegian cyclist champion

Training like a pro

Room 201 is packed with cycling details, from the ceiling lamp made from an old bike wheel and a bookshelf created from bicycle hoses, to signed bike jerseys and inspirational training graphics. Central to the room is a Wattbike Atom, where guests can test the power in their legs and improve their technique - all in the comfort of their own hotel room.

If guests are looking for an extra challenge, they can gain access to training programmes recommended by Norwegian cyclist Ingrid A. Moe. She is the 2018 Norwegian champion in cyclo-cross and the winner of the Norway Cup cross country ride and road race both in 2017 and 2018.

The fact that the room contributes to charity whilst being a haven for cyclists makes the hotel room a truly unique experience. Scandic worked together with Norwegian cycling charity Hjelperytterne (which translates to Help Riders) to create this innovative idea. Hotel director Monica Egeberg states:

"It was a great pleasure to work with Hjelperytterne for this very special hotel room. Room 201 is about giving our guests a hotel experience outside of the ordinary while we support a good cause'"

Scandic are truly setting the standard for other Norwegian hotels, and for hotels across the world, by combining hospitality with high-end indoor cycling, and by combining affordability and a charitable spirit - which surely is an industry first.

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