Official Sponsor of USA Cycling

October 11, 2022 2 min read

Wattbike becomes Official Sponsor of USA Cycling

USA Cycling and Wattbike are excited to announce their new partnership as Wattbike becomes the Official Sponsor of the USA Cycling National Team and the Official Smart Bike of USA Cycling.

Wattbikes have been a proven training tool in the National Team’s training regime for years. The bikes have been located in the High-Altitude room in the Olympic Training Center for close to 15 years serving as a cornerstone in athlete training.

Wattbikes improves a riders’ performance in real-time with precision data and analysis like no other smart bike. The bikes offer accurate data, quiet training, performance insights, instant gear changes, and a real ride feel.

The USA cycling track program will be the main users of the Wattbikes stationed in Colorado Springs as well as the VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles.

Athletes across all cycling disciplines including road, mountain bike, bmx and track have relied on the Wattbike for accurate, reliable and performance insights to improve individual and team performance.

USA Cycling’s Sprint Track Coach, Erin Hartwell, is excited to have an additional training tool for the athletes. He said, “As an effective training tool, the Wattbike allows us to replicate specific training efforts we'd perform on the track and still get the same physiological response desired from the workout.

Additionally, the variable resistance options of the ergometer allow us to create a wide range of interval workouts targeting specific pedaling cadences to optimize how we train our sprint athletes. It's incredibly effective for performance monitoring and testing as the data is readily available for immediate feedback from the touch screen to coach and athlete and easy to download for later review.”

Rich Baker, Wattbike CEO, said “Wattbike was born from elite sport. Our indoor bikes are designed to improve the performance of anyone who rides one. It’s why we’ve been working with USA Cycling for a number of years to identify the next national and world champions and why so many riders value and trust our products.

This partnership with USA Cycling marks our return to the U.S. market with our smart bike, the Wattbike Atom. We’re hugely excited to work even closer with the riders, coaches and USA Cycling members to enhance their own performance improvements.”

All Wattbikes come with the free Wattbike Hub app for a complete training package for the USA Cycling community (available via AppStore/Google Play store). The Wattbike Hub includes access to over 100 workouts, plans, tests, and challenges to enhance a riders’ indoor training.

The app will also feature training sessions and workouts from the skilled USA Cycling coaching staff so all Wattbikers can improve their fitness and performance gained from years of training at the top level.

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