Wattbike Elite Sports Science Course

May 17, 2023 3 min read

Wattbike Global Master Trainer leads Elite Sports Science Education Course

Wattbike Global Master Trainer, Pierre Spies, has pioneered a new Elite Sports Science Education Course, giving fitness professionals a thorough insight into how Wattbikes can be maximised across all training disciplines. 

A sport scientist, S&C specialist and lecturer by profession, Pierre started his journey with Wattbike as a Master Trainer in South Africa. Now an activist for Wattbikes versatile usage, Spies has written this education course to consult elite sport professionals on how to use the Wattbike to get the best out of their athletes.  




The course covers topics that convey how to transfer, translate and convert ground-based or sports-specific training, testing and protocols on the Wattbike in an impactful, effective and results-driven manner. 

Covering top tips on how to delve into the broad array of Wattbike data, to extract, understand and interpret it, this course will show delegates how to deliver a training framework to successfully target the key physiological determinants required to unlock peak performance. 

“Personally, I believe the Wattbike is one of the most versatile performance tools in any sports science or medical professionals toolbox.” Explains Pierre. “It provides a plethora of options to aid your training, instigate interventions and keep performance progression on track.”



On the development of this course, Pierre adds: “Literally everyone I have met working within elite sport has utilised the Wattbikes in some form or another, for their personal training, or that of their athletes. 

However, the Wattbike can be complex and an element of education is required to really get the most out of its functionality. I wanted to put a course together to share the in-depth ways in which the bike can be not only utilised, but maximised, to unlock peak performance potential.”

“The vision for the course was to provide all of those professionals working within sport, health and fitness with a playbook on how to use Wattbikes more optimally across each of their specific, individualised needs. The Wattbike Elite Sport Science Course is the GPS and the Wattbike is the tool to get you where you want to go with your performance goals.”



When it comes to Wattbike, Pierre has a Top 10 ‘hit-list’ as to what Wattbike brings to the sports performance table:

  1. Off-feet conditioning: reduced ground reactive forces reduces risk of injury.
  2. Fitness assessments: reliable, valid, accurate data to benchmark and assess talent.
  3. Locomotive kinetic chain: an effective discrepancy diagnostic tool.
  4. Energy system development: a ‘true to you’ tool developing individualised power and personal heart rate training zones. 
  5. Leg speed sprinting power: develop ultimate leg speed and lower body neuromuscular proficiency. 
  6. Real-time performance: monitor the data in real-time, adjusting as you go. 
  7. Rehabilitation tool: the Wattbike helps athletes return better, not the same.
  8. Wattbike Hub+: record, store and share data to motivate and make the athlete accountable.  
  9. Over 40 valuable metrics: to support interventions, identify talent, track progression and unlock performance margins. 
  10. Gamification: pre-set workouts, plans, challenges and tests via the Wattbike app helps drive motivation and internal competition. 




The first courses have taken place in Australia, at the Wattbike Performance Expo at the new Sydney Swans HQ in association with Australian distributor, NovoFit and at the Australian Performance Expo at the Anna Meares Velodrome. Due to its success, there are global rollout plans in motion. 

This course is accredited with the ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association) and carries 4 CPD points.  To find our more or to register interest for the next course visit here.


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