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With the expansion of the Snap Fitness group, both within the UK and overseas, Wattbike have been announced as a preferred supplier for any Snap Fitness franchise site worldwide through its distributor network.

Snap Fitness Devizes opened its doors in December 2022 and has installed a Wattbike Nucleus into its designated cardio zone on the gym floor, with a plan to increase its portfolio of Wattbikes in the future.


Staff have been trained by Wattbike Master Trainers to utilise the Nucleus to its full potential for member experience, promoting the delivery of fitness assessments, individualised training plans and maximising the real-time data.

“We are looking to utilise the Wattbike as a USP of our gym, incorporating it into both our personal training sessions, fitness testing and group exercise classes.” Jasdeep Singh, Director, Snap Fitness Devizes explains. “The team have educated us in how to get the very best out of the bike to boost member experience and having seen what it can do, in my hope to open further sites, Wattbike will certainly remain my performance bike of choice.”

“Investing in a Wattbike AtomX to compliment the Nucleus will be our next step to offer variety within our product mix and increasing the number of bikes we order is a top priority for our next floor plan”



Not ones to simply install equipment, the Wattbike team focus on building long-lasting partnerships and part of that is to provide the highest quality product training.

Singh and his team were invited to the Wattbike HQ Showroom in Nottingham for an education day covering company history, product timeline and the advancements in innovation.

“Something I loved most about Wattbike was its ability to be used as an educational tool to help improve technique, health and the way in which this data is displayed in a simple, user-friendly way.” Singh continues. “For the first time, I was actively thinking about how to improve my form rather than just counting calories and better still, the Wattbike felt close to a real-ride experience, which is ideal given that our gym is located in a budding triathlete community.”

“Within a short period of time, it became evident that we were not just looking at a standard indoor bike, but a piece of smart equipment that would help us stand out from the competition and propel our status as a premium 24-hour gym.”

Since opening its first UK club in 2012, Snap Fitness has gone from strength to strength with a network of 86 sites across the UK and Ireland and over 1000 sites worldwide. The Devizes site offers a range of amenities including an external wellness room, functional training zone, dedicated spin studio as well as a sports massage and physiotherapy room.

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