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Virgin Active UK prides itself on being at the forefront of providing the latest equipment, expert personal trainers and a wide variety of classes to offer the very best customer experience possible.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the industry to increase areas for strength and performance-based training on the gym floor.

In order to meet this growing demand, Virgin Active UK has partnered with Wattbike to upgrade their indoor cycling provision with both the Wattbike Nucleus and Wattbike AtomX.

On the decision, Gareth Turner, Cycle Lead, Virgin Active UK, explains: “Wattbike will be a key partner for us in order to meet this growing trend towards performance training. People want to see and analyse data in real-time, not just post-workout. We believe that the capabilities of the Wattbike will allow our members to reach their performance goals more efficiently and effectively and we’re excited to see the new Wattbikes rolled out in our clubs over the coming months.”



As part of the partnership, Virgin Active UK has opted to upgrade its existing Wattbikes with a mix of the latest commercial options; the Wattbike Nucleus and the Wattbike AtomX.

On the decision, Gareth Turner, Cycle Lead, Virgin Active UK, explains:

“We have chosen to partner with Wattbike, and install both the Nucleus and AtomX, as both bikes offer differing strengths and applications for our members. The Nucleus is an upgrade to our existing Wattbike Pro/Trainers, introducing the high-definition Performance Touchscreen but still with the precise fan/magnetic resistance that our members know and love, especially for sprint training.

We wanted the AtomX because of its erg-mode which changes automatically to simulate hill climbs, allowing members to ride famous climbs from around the world. It’s fantastic for Zwift racing and we are confident our members will enjoy this feature.”


The aim is that the training versatility that the Wattbike offers will be maximised by all members, no matter their goal or ability.

“We believe that the Wattbikes will be utilised in a variety of ways depending on the member, ranging from those with general fitness goals through to those seeking sporting peak performance.” Turner adds. “

Our cyclists and triathletes use the Wattbikes for accurate real-time data, to analyse pedal effectiveness and improve power-based training, whilst our other sporting athletes focus on off-feet conditioning and thanks to the inbuilt Health Assessment tests and introductory workout programmes. The Wattbike is also ideal for beginners or those with general fitness goals who can benefit from the individualised workouts and plans available.”

On the gym floor, Personal Trainers will also be able to use the Wattbikes to deliver specific, targeted training for their clients. Using the in-built tests to help them tailor client programmes and over time, show real results and improvements based on accurate data.

The installation of the new Wattbike Nucleus and AtomX bikes across a number of Virgin Active UK sites will begin in August 2023.

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