David Lloyd's Wattbike Zones are creating engaging and motivating Sufferfest sessions for all their members.

David Lloyd adopting the complete cycling solution

As early adopters of the Wattbike, David Lloyd have been utilising the bikes across their portfolio in a number of ways, experimenting to find the best fit in each facility. In June 2015, they opened their first Wattbike Zone at their Southampton club, which included six Wattbikes with a separate screen that visually offered power training workshops, an introduction to Wattbike sessions, Wattbike testing, and virtual Sufferfest classes.

"We run live workshops in these Zones that create a great atmosphere on the gym floor, and this works to increase the interest from other members observing."

- Michelle Dand, Group Health & Fitness Manager at David Lloyd

Providing innovative training for the masses

David Lloyd have continued their investment in quality class-based fitness through an exclusive partnership with The Sufferfest and their video-based indoor cycling programme. This launched at David Lloyd Southampton and has been rolled out to selected clubs. The Sufferfest programme runs in their studios and Wattbike Zones, which creates an engaging and motivating session for all members.

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Transform your gym or training facility. We have everything you need to take training to the next level, from the Wattbike Pro and Trainer, to our range of Training & Education Programmes, and Wattbike Zones tailored to your gym.

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South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Improving firefighter fitness across South Wales. The South Wales Fire & Rescue Service (SWFRS) use the Wattbike’s for a wide range of training methods including fitness challenges, general health tests, sport-specific training as well as exercise classes.
Cycling Esports
Cycling Esports

Last month, cyclists clicked their cleats into their Wattbikes and readied themselves on the start line for the Asian qualifier for the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. But unlike normal races, athletes were plugged into the race virtually, from all across the continent. 

Ironstar Triathlon
Ironstar Triathlon

Triathletes pound the Wattbike pedals in the annual Ironstar Indoor Triathlon in Moscow. Providing 18 Wattbikes, racers were able to maximise the best-in-class accuracy and instant data feedback that the bikes had to offer to plan their effort with precision in the cycle leg and maximise their riding output.