Wattbike delivered 22 bikes to Cycle 360 in 2018 and also supported the staff with Wattbike education via the Wattbike Master Trainer network.

Fitness facility, Bikeshop and Cafe

Opened on the Isle of Man in October 2018 and inspired by London and New York cycling cafe culture, this hidden gem has it all: fitness facility, bikeshop, and cafe, all in one purpose-built sleek and stylish building. The brainchild of Mark Horsthuis and Sacha Quine, Cycle 360’s customers can browse a range of bikes, clothing and cycle equipment in the bikeshop, join a fitness class on a fleet of Wattbikes. The decision to go with Wattbike as the group cycling option came after a lot of research. Sacha and Mark visited a lot of different fitness facilities in the UK, Europe, and America, and found that Wattbike was a popular choice for other health and fitness hubs across the world.

“knowing how popular Wattbike was around the UK, we knew it was something we definitely wanted to explore and bring to the Isle of Man. Not only is it one of the best tools for cyclists and athletes such as footballers, rugby players and netballers, but the Wattbike is also genuinely one of the best cardiovascular workouts for those keen to keep fit and healthy. The Wattbike concept has not really been done here before, and that’s what we were striving for from day one; we wanted to be different. We ultimately decided to go for Wattbike because it is different, and it is the best tool for indoor cycling.”

- Sacha Quine, Cycle 360

22 Wattbikes and education delivered

Wattbike delivered 22 bikes to Cycle 360 in 2018 and also supported the staff with Wattbike education via the Wattbike Master Trainer network. This made sure each Cycle 360 instructor was confident with the products and their numerous types of applications.

“Everyone is absolutely loving the Wattbikes! People like that they can see their pedal stroke, PES score, leg balance, and that they can improve on their power in each class whilst having the app to do their own workouts in their spare time.”

- Marc Quine, Cycle 360

Supporting local sports teams

Cycle 360 have also taken advantage of the secondary spend options which Wattbikes provide, by allowing local cycling clubs to come in and use the bikes for fitness conditioning during off-peak hours. They are also planning to invite local rugby and netball clubs to use the facility, with the main aim of supporting local sports groups and the Isle of Mann fitness industry. In addition, Cycle 360 have taken part in well-being Wednesdays for a number of local businesses nearby, inviting them for classes to improve mental well-being and productivity in the workplace.

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