S1: Episode 6 - Kevin Sinfield

S1: Episode 6 - Kevin Sinfield

Kevin Sinfield Background

In a trophy-laden professional rugby league career spanning 18 years, Kevin Sinfield made more than 500 appearances for Leeds Rhinos, represented England and Great Britain on more than 40 occasions, and is notably the most decorated professional league player in English history. Kevin has most recently changed careers joining leading Premiership Club, Leicester Tigers as Defence Coach.

Off the field, Kevin is known as “Super Kev” for his heroic fundraising efforts to raise awareness for Motor Neurone Disease and was awarded an OBE in January 2022. Tune in to our final episode of the series where Kevin discusses changing his career from the world of rugby league to rugby union, amongst raising incredible sums of money for MND.

On his time in rugby, playing and coaching

“There’s always been a desire to prove people wrong and get through those tough moments”

“Never at one moment did I think I’m here, I’ve made it. I always knew that there were far more talented players than me, but I don’t think there’d be many that were more committed”

“In sport, attitude and commitment goes such a long way’

“Ultimately, I think to create an environment that is one where people can grow and improve and feel comfortable, but also uncomfortable at times during the training because it needs to be if you're going to get better - pain, sacrifice, something that's probably unpleasant”

On his running challenges and mindset

"Always with a view of learning and exposing myself to a new environment, cultures, trying to grow [...] Rob's been a big drive in that, taking some risks, taking yourself out of your comfort zone"

During the 101 miles, Kevin explains that “you got into that dark place […] I knew I was right in the thick of it, and trying to get my head around that at the time, I went into auto-pilot”

“How amazing the human body can be […] how powerful it is when there’s something driving you in your heart where there’s something that you really care about and you think a lot about and you know the difference you can make by getting it done”

On pushing yourself – “commit to it, but accept that there’s going to be some setbacks, nothing’s smooth […] just make the start line”

On his training and using his Wattbike

"I did a bike challenge […] the Yorkshire struggle, 108 miles […] So did a bit of training with a mate of mine on the bike, the furthest we got was 30 miles […] that’s where the Wattbike came in. The Wattbike was brilliant, for the distance stuff, when you look outside and its horrible and you think I'll jump on this"

During his 7 marathons in 7 days – “I used it for my recovery every day, just twenty minutes, to turn my legs over”

“off-feet training is just as important as the running stuff when you’re playing team sports as well the bike was brilliant, lots of interval sessions”

“Being a retired rugby player, there's some bits that don’t work just like they should, so being able to have a day off running or a couple days off running during the week and get on the bike and get a good sweat on, I need to train, so it’s been important for me”

"it's been really really good for players coming back from injury […] they do a lot of interval stuff, depending on what position they play"

“The bike has been great, because sometimes you just don't fancy going on a long run, but you sit on the Wattbike for 90 minutes and get on with it and get it done”

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