Make it ’appen: Using the Wattbike and TrainerRoad to reach your goals

July 26, 2019 2 min read

Training apps are becoming more and more varied in terms of what they offer, so whether you want to race through virtual worlds or find a way to structure your training plan, there’s an option for you. But sometimes too much choice can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. We asked members of our Wattbiker tribe about their favourite apps, and how the Atom’s unrivalled connectivity is helping them achieve their training goals.

This time we talk to five-time Olympian and Tour de France rider, Greg Henderson, about how the Wattbike andTrainerRoadhelp him and his training clients maintain their form and fitness.

How long have you been a Wattbike user and what drew you to the Wattbike?

"I have ridden Wattbikes forever. I was part of the New Zealand national cycling team for years so a lot of our specific efforts were done on the Wattbike."

How often do you train indoors?

"I train roughly five times a week indoors."

What makes indoor training a crucial part of your routine?

"Primarily, indoor training is much more efficient and you can replicate a lab environment. I can get a perfect session done in 90 mins and not have to worry about [racking up] junk miles outside."

Which app do you use to supplement your training with?

"I have used TrainerRoad extensively and I still use Training Peaks. I also use Zwift thesedays."

What attracted you to TrainerRoad?

"A few things. The cloud-based storage [meaning you can store and access your data across a number of devices].The ease of use and profiling. The data received is so accurate that I can enjoy testing the athletes I coach and myself on the most reliable machine built, the Wattbike."

How does the combination of TrainerRoad and Wattbike help you and your clients to reach their training goals?

"[It is] totally dependant on the athlete, what part of the season they are at, or the type of

athlete they are.

The beauty of the Wattbike is it caters for every athlete, from sprint to endurance.

I personally use it primarily for threshold gains and peak power gains."

What is your favourite in-app workout?

"I like to design my own, however, the testing protocols are great."

Looking to kickstart your training? Purchase the Wattbike Atom and receive free lifetime membership to the Wattbike Hub, plusfree trials to a number of training apps, including FulGaz, TrainingPeaks and The Sufferfest."

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