Seven reasons most turbo trainer owners eventually buy a smart bike

7 - You Can't Train quietly

The problem with a turbo

Users reported their turbo was noisy mainly from the drivetrain and frequently changing gears which prevented flexibility in their training routine, as they couldn’t train early or late at night without disturbing their family or neighbours.

How Wattbike solved it

The noise of the electromagnetic resistance system is minimised and protected by the casing surrounding the chainset. At 70 decibels around 70 RPM, the Atom is quiet enough to train without disturbing anyone including sleeping children or sensitive neighbours, allowing more opportunities to train and faster fitness gains.

"I’ve had my Wattbike for 10 days now and had a few Zwift rides and very impressed. Fantastically well constructed, feels like real quality and I know it will last. The resistance is instant when going up a hill in Zwift (for example) and the gear changes are great.
Very realistic and the range of biking apps it works with means there will be something for everyone. I’m hooked already and I have a lot of confidence this will be my main biking activity in the winter months without any loss of fitness or power. Really glad I took the plunge!"