In 2016, Wattbike won a competitive tendering process which has seen Wattbikes rolled out across the full Places for People Leisure portfolio of 113 centres.

Wattbike win competitive tender

Due to the growth in cycling participation in recent years, Places for People Leisure have placed heightened importance on the need to develop a state of the art cycling provision for their members. In March 2016, Wattbike won a competitive tendering process and were named Places for People’s preferred supplier of specialist Indoor Cycling equipment.

A total of 6 Wattbikes were initially installed into their Wycombe Leisure Centre on a trial basis to support the procurement process. Following great feedback from members and staff, the Wattbikes have become a permanent fixture on the gym floor there.

“We wanted to provide our customers with an indoor cycling experience that could replicate a real-ride feel and provide accurate data, which Wattbike provide to an extremely high standard.”

- John Oxley, Chief Operating Officer at Places for People Leisure

Wattbikes now in 113 sites

Following on from the success at Wycombe, Places for People Rotherham was next in line, where a full Wattbike Zone featuring full immersive graphics was installed. Dependant on the site and client base, Wattbike has now installed either two bikes, a Wattbike ‘zone’ of six bikes or a studio based cycling option across the full Places for People Leisure portfolio of 113 centres. Great feedback has followed from each site where Wattbikes have been installed, as members are now reaching their goals faster than before.

When asked about choosing Wattbike, John Oxley comments: “The versatility of the bikes mean they’re capable of meeting the needs of a wide variety of our customers, from athletes to those new to cycling. Additionally, they complement our existing gym floor offering whilst broadening our indoor cycling provision and expand the opportunities for our instructors and personal trainers. We’re pleased that we’ve established a strong relationship with Wattbike having chosen them as our Indoor Cycling Supplier of choice and we look forward to working closely with them over the coming years.”

Wattbikes can today be found in the majority of Places for People sites across the UK. To find your closest Wattbike gym or studio, please visit

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