Nuffield Health is placing more and more emphasis on Wattbikes to meet customer demand, and as a result, Wattbikes are now a standard offering in Nuffield Health clubs.

Nuffield Health keeping up with popular demand

In the last couple of years, Nuffield Health have had to respond to strong member-driven demand as more and more people - hearing that Wattbikes are available in other Nuffield clubs or clinics - have begun to request them at their own locations. This has led to Nuffield Health placing more and more emphasis on Wattbikes to meet customer demand, and as a result, Wattbikes are now a standard offering in Nuffield Health clubs.

"At Nuffield Health we recognised the benefits of the Wattbike early on and we now have Wattbikes in the majority of our gym facilities, medical centres, and hospitals. Working with Wattbike was an easy decision for two reasons; firstly, we recognised the rapid increase in the popularity of cycling and triathlon, and Wattbikes provide our members and clients with the best indoor cycling experience they can transfer back outdoors to rides and races."

- Rick Crawford, National Fitness and Wellbeing Lead at Nuffield Health

Empowering members and staff with Wattbike Zones

In the Nuffield fitness facilities,Wattbike Zones have also been installed, often with digital screens to enable group training, competitive races and Power Cycling classes. Members can benefit from 1-2-1 and group Wattbikes sessions that are both challenging and engaging for participants. In addition, members can spend time with the Nuffield personal trainers to accurately measure and assess their current fitness levels in order to showcase the impact and progressions their training is having.

In addition to this, we partnered up with Nuffield Health to create a Health Assessment test which would measure individual fitness. After extensive research, the Health Assessment test was launched this year, and Nuffield Health are testing individuals to determine their fitness level. Once this is done, each individual is given a training plan to complete on the Wattbike to improve their health, and extend their life. Read more about the health assessment test here: Simple test for a healthy heart

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South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Improving firefighter fitness across South Wales. The South Wales Fire & Rescue Service (SWFRS) use the Wattbike’s for a wide range of training methods including fitness challenges, general health tests, sport-specific training as well as exercise classes.
Cycling Esports
Cycling Esports

Last month, cyclists clicked their cleats into their Wattbikes and readied themselves on the start line for the Asian qualifier for the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. But unlike normal races, athletes were plugged into the race virtually, from all across the continent. 

Ironstar Triathlon
Ironstar Triathlon

Triathletes pound the Wattbike pedals in the annual Ironstar Indoor Triathlon in Moscow. Providing 18 Wattbikes, racers were able to maximise the best-in-class accuracy and instant data feedback that the bikes had to offer to plan their effort with precision in the cycle leg and maximise their riding output.