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February 28, 2023 3 min read


Established in elite sport, Game Changer Performance (GCP) is a human performance company taking a holistic approach to unlocking the full potential within people, teams and organisations. The team have been working at the forefront of elite sport since 2016, combining talent, research and science to maximise performance, with exceptional results.

The high-performance team is made up of psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and performance coaches, taking an overall view of goals, health and performance in order to provide targeted support at the highest level.


Although GCP works nationally throughout the UK, and more recently added a remote option in the form of its new P3RFORM online fitness coaching app, the team’s stronghold for supporting the Premier League and EFL footballers is within St. George's Park, the FA’s national football centre, where they have been delivering the Residential Rehabilitation Programme on behalf of the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) since 2018.

The programme targets players suffering long term, complex or recurring injuries. These players will receive four intensive days of rehabilitation and conditioning to help them overcome barriers to recovery and progress towards a return to play.

GCP provides a rehabilitation service that works closely, and builds strong relationships with all professional football clubs, acting as an additional resource for participating clubs to build upon their current practices and their own rehabilitation philosophies.


Each week, GCP will see 6-8 professional and semi-pro footballers embark on its rehabilitation programme and the Wattbike plays a vital role in every individual programme in both the gym and in the profiling elements which take place in the lab.

Pete Talbot, Head Physiotherapist, Game Changer Performance, explains:

“For these players, it's often vital to get them off their feet in order to aid the rehabilitation process, the Wattbikes are key to this. They might not be able to reach high intensity speeds on the pitch, but on the bikes they can. We can use the bikes for our initial profiling, throughout the individual's programming and to perform tests towards the end of their time with us. In most cases, Wattbike training then forms a part of their training when they return back to their clubs.”

GCP also runs physical performance testing days at St. George’s Park which is suitable for sports teams and scholarship athletes looking to understand their current performance level against future performance goals and Utilising the latest sport science equipment, assessments and sessions are challenging, engaging and performance focused.

“There is nowhere to hide on the Wattbike, and it certainly plays into the competitive nature of elite sportsmen and women perfectly.” Talbot adds. “They need to work hard on every pedal to keep the power output high. Everyone knows the benefits of the bikes and the improvements in performance they can help each player make, but there can certainly be a love/hate relationship at play when Wattbike training.”


As well as the rehabilitation programmes, GCP delivers educational experience days to academic institutions designed to inspire and engage students of all levels of studying health and sport-related courses.

Jake Keeling, GCP Managing Director adds:

“Our experience days gives students a valuable, hands-on experience into the world of working within sports performance. We look at gym and pitch-based conditioning, testing and monitoring as well as practical nutrition, performance psychology and physiotherapy case study scenarios.”

“We always make sure to take the students through the usages and benefits of the Wattbike. The fact of the matter is, if they want to work within elite sport, they are going to come across Wattbike and there’s nothing better than putting them through their paces on the bike when they are with us. An experience they won’t forget too soon!”

To find out more about the Residential Rehabilitation Programme or about all that Game Changer Performance has to offer visit

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