Having opened to the public in July 2018, 2000 Watts cycling studio houses 21 Wattbikes.

Heating up Melbourne with Wattbike

Located in Bayside, Melbourne, Australia, 2000 Watts caters for beginners through to experienced athletes. The studio runs classes multiple times a day using the Wattbikes and the Hub app to set goals and track data. The classes and studio are run by triathlete and Ironman competitor Nicoletta Ceppellini who is a passionate indoor cycling instructor, having worked all around Melbourne teaching individuals how to best use the Wattbike to improve their performance.

Fitness fans joining 2000 Watts can access endurance, power, strength, and HIIT classes, so there is something for everyone to try. The decision to purchase Wattbikes for the studio was an obvious one for Nicoletta: “Customers adore the bikes, they love the data, the realistic ride feel, the goals they can set. We use the Wattbike hub every day so that members can see their improvements and don’t have to take pics of the screen, they can quantify every session“.

Health and fitness fans using the studio have showered both Nicoletta and the setup with praise since opening day. It seems that Melbourne is really feeling the Wattbike heat.

Photo credits: @charleslowthian

“The Wattbike provides the most accurate and extensive data on the market - these bikes are real training tools that produce results. When you are teaching and delivering a product, numbers and data don’t lie and the bikes cater to all levels and abilities whilst being highly sophisticated performance tracking devices. We wouldn’t have started the business without Wattbikes. They are key to us and our studio. They really are the best bikes on the market, they are the real deal”.

- Nicoletta Ceppellini, Ironman competitor and indoor cycling instructor

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