Pro/Trainer Information

The original and undisputed pioneer of performance bikes

With over a decade of success under its belt, the Wattbike Pro/Trainer is praised for its versatility, accuracy and adjustability - making it the perfect solution for any client or member. Unique dual air and magnetic resistance provides smooth, incremental resistance changes suited to each individual’s goals and needs.

Accurate data - Whatever the workout, your clients and members can rely on our data. Independently verified to deliver +/- 2% accuracy across the full power range. So everyone can track and analyse their performance to ensure they achieve their goals, fast.
Polar View - We created pedalling analysis over 10 years ago. Allow your members to visualise how they apply force through each pedal stroke with our patented analysis tool, so they can optimise their technique and train more efficiently.
Real Ride Feel Technology - Our unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. Our patented technology provides consistency across all of our bikes. Empowering your members to experience predictable and safe workouts, every single time.