Third Space are London’s luxury health clubs; individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own. Now with seven sites across London, Third Space has more than established itself as the go-to in the capital for luxury fitness. 

Around the corner from Soho’s original, the newly launched Third Space Mayfair hosts five training areas including a performance Wattbike Zone for intelligent indoor cycling, designated stretch and mobility area, a sled track and Eleiko strength training area, a HIIT studio, cardio area and even a Himalayan sea salt walled sauna. 

Described as a ‘smart club’, it also features face recognition entry and even UV-treated fresh air pumped through the facility if that’s high on your agenda… 


In order to offer the full circle of indoor cycling opportunities to its members, Third Space Mayfair houses two different Wattbike cycling zones. The first is a next level performance Wattbike zone for Group Cycling which utilises nine of the Wattbike Nucleus’ in an immersive studio setting using ‘Intelligent Cycling’ software and a 4k digital screen to provide the most advanced performance cycling experience possible. 

The second zone at Third Space Mayfair includes the Wattbike Atom X’s, placed so that members can make use of these bikes when they want to do their own individual session, where they can go for longer sessions and connect to apps such as Sufferfest so they can train their way. 


The explosion of accurate data and instant feedback has taken indoor cycling in exciting new directions. What used to be more music and movement based, has evolved into an indoor cycling experience that harnesses data and utilises metrics to motivate the member. 

The virtual reality worlds of Intelligent Cycling provides 1000+ pre-programmed workouts at just the touch of the button to Third Space trainers, adding a new level of gamification to the indoor cycling zone. 


Elite training and exclusivity define the new Third Space Mayfair, billed as its most technologically advanced site to date, something that will resonate with the local clientele. 

Rob Beale, Fitness Director, Third Space adds: “Our approach when it comes to gym design and equipment is to always seek the best-in-class options for our members. We want our members to use the best treadmills, the best Olympic lifting bars, the best strength machines and the best bikes on the market. 

With Wattbike’s experience and exposure in the highest levels of elite sport all over the World, it was an obvious choice for us to have the Wattbikes as our bike of choice for Mayfair.”

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