Shore School, North Sydney, was established in 1889 and has a rich history as a leading comprehensive school for boys. 

The school focuses on developing its students as a whole – intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially and the importance on sport, health and fitness plays a vital role in this holistic approach. 

On the development, Dr Timothy Wright, Headmaster explains: “In our 130 year history, Shore has always recognised the link between physical activity and academic excellence. However, it has been some time since we have invested in the practical and theoretical deliver of physical education.”

We have always prided ourselves in the making of men and training sportsmen. This project is an exciting initiative that will have a positive, lasting impact on all boys in terms of fitness, participant and the flow on to student learning and achievement."




In 2017, Shore School commenced building a new, high-end sporting centre, the Shore Physical Education Centre (SPEC). The development replaced the incumbent facilities with new, contemporary learning, teaching and physical education spaces. 

David Kennett, Head of Athletic Development, Shore School explains: “Sport, especially team sport, provides our students with valuable lessons and development challenges like no other subject can. We don’t just focus on the academic at Shore, we want our students to leave us as well-rounded people, with skills that will see them excel in their lives moving forwards.”

This included a multi-purpose Sports Complex with new basketball courts and tiered seating, an Olympic-sized 50m swimming pool with 8-lanes, a weights room, a gymnastics centre, a rowing room and a spin studio. The SPEC provides 11 new, dynamic and flexible learning spaces and seminar rooms adjacent to new, open spaces and courtyards.




The whole renovation of the school’s sports facilities was completed in 2020 and to offer leading training opportunities for its students and staff, the new spin studio was installed with 20 Wattbikes and is used for a variety of training and education functions including power, strength and conditioning exercise for the school’s sports teams, for teaching purposes within physical education lessons and by practical PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) Classes. 

“I have used Wattbikes previous to working at Shore, so, I already knew of the exceptional quality, accuracy and real-ride feel that the Wattbike has to offer. It really was a no-brainer for me when it came to choosing which indoor bike to go with for our studio. Wattbike, quite simply, are the gold standard.”

To find out more, visitwww.shore.edu.au


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