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Move HQ, an elite performance centre targeting beginners through to seasoned athletes, opened in August 2021 in Winnersh, Berkshire, with a wealth of experience across the team in both health and fitness and elite sport.

The largest commercial strength and conditioning performance centre in the UK, with every member of the team trained to Masters level in Strength & Conditioning and/or Sports Science, Move HQ takes its training from elite sport and programmes results-driven workouts for the entire membership, with everyone training together and achieving together, from new beginners through to athletes.


Move HQ installed eight Wattbike Pro/Trainers, the pioneering indoor bike, as it’s ultra-robust, incredibly versatile and scientifically accurate, making it a great match to stand up to heavy-duty training at the highest intensities.

"We want to be the best facility in the UK, and therefore we want the best equipment to offer our members the best experience. Nothing came close to the expertise, accuracy and quality of the Wattbike, it’s simply the gold standard."

- Mark Munroe, Managing Director, Move HQ

The Wattbikes have effectively levelled the playing field within the small group training classes at Move HQ as every member, regardless of ability, can get an individualised, challenging workout to suit their own abilities, and still train in a group setting all together.


Utilising the full performance training potential of the Wattbike, the Move HQ team incorporated the bikes into a plethora of workout methods. As well as being available on the gym floor for individual use, the Wattbike is used for small group training, fitness testing, indoor cycling classes, personal training, and rehabilitation. They also form an integral part of the warm-up and cool-downs before and after regular sessions, and are central to those with cardio-respiratory oriented programmes.

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