Since the formation of Millfield School in 1935, it has historically been one of the most prestigious independent schools for boys and girls aged 2-18, with sport playing a significant role in the development of every student. To enhance the performance and training opportunities for its pupils, the school is proud to have installed a suite of Wattbikes as part of its core facility and equipment. 

Dr Scott Drawer, Director of Sport, Millfield School comments: “Sport provides development challenges like no other learning domain and contributes to truly well-rounded experience for every one of our 300+ student-athletes that compete at a regional to international standard across a variety of sports.


Millfield is one of the UK’s top schools for sport, offering a range of opportunities for boys and girls across all ability levels. With world-class facilities and specialist coaches, the school provides a centralised programme of sport in training and competition, alongside education and co-curricular activities. The Wattbike suite now holds 12 Wattbikes in total and is used for a variety of training purposes. 

“We chose to install the Wattbikes because of their robustness, application across multiple types of student-athlete sport as well as the advanced data driven feedback systems and the adjustability to cater for anyone. It also looks great and gives the rider that real-ride feel.”

The Wattbike suite is used for a variety of training purposes; from warm-ups, strength and conditioning sessions, recovery and rehabilitation through to sport-specific training tool, especially during the winter months when light prevents outdoor sessions, off-feet training for team sports and importantly, just for fun training sessions when student-athletes need to add some variety to their training routines


“The diverse application and use of the bikes in our everyday lives at the school has ensured that the Wattbike suite is a crucial component of the multi-developmental experience provided at Millfield.” Dr Drawer adds.

“Students and staff absolutely love the data feedback and the competitive nature this brings to each session! In the future, we will integrate use of the Wattbike suite more and more for those who exercise for recreational purposes right the way through to those who are very serious about taking their sport to the highest levels.”

Millfield is home to nearly 60 international youth representatives at any one time and a number of student-athletes go on to compete at professional, Olympic or Paralympic level.

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