Across Russia, IRONSTAR Triathlon events bring together professional and amateur athletes to compete at the very highest levels. The annual indoor event, which acts as a unique, off-season competition, took place on 19 December, 2021, in Moscow. 
This event is open to newcomers to the sport through to seasoned athletes and involves a 10minute pool swim, 30minute Wattbike ride and a 20 minute run in the indoor arena.  There is no set distance, the participants are limited only by the time limit of each stage, with the winners crowned as the ones who accumulate the greatest combined distance across the three disciplines.  
More than 250 athletes took part in Moscow, with the winning male, Permitin Vasily (age 30-34 category) reaching 28,541km in the allotted time and the first-place female, Krainyuk Ekaterina (age 30-34 category) distancing 23,612km in total.  


Requiring an indoor bike that would provide competitors with the closest thing they could get to a real-ride feel, the event team partnered with Wattbike’s Russian distributor, LLC Velosport, on the equipment for the cycle stage of the race. 
Providing 18 Wattbikes, racers were able to maximise the best-in-class accuracy and instant data feedback that the bikes had to offer to plan their effort with precision in the cycle leg and maximise their riding output.


The overarching aim of IRONSTAR is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle across Russia. As part of the race calendar, IRONSTAR includes events for elite competition, individual and team races of varying distances, female-only events, as well as starts for children and those with disabilities.
The event team hopes to create an effective model for the development of amateur sports, in which the State, regional and municipal authorities, public organisations and sports clubs can all work together to improve the standard of events, the diversity and also create a positive economic effect for competition venues. 
To find out more about IRONSTAR Triathlon events or to view their 2022 race calendar, visit

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